How to get a DXRacer Sponsorship


DXRacer has become the premier name in gaming chairs, with a wide range of comfortable, durable, and great-looking chairs that accommodate any size and style of gamer. These are highly sought-after chairs, but they aren’t exactly affordable. With a minimum … Read more

Are DXRacer Chairs Ergonomic?

Are DXRacer Chairs Ergonomic

They’re stylish, they’re cool, and they’re a major status symbol among gamers. They’re DXRacer chairs, and owning one is often viewed as a serious sign of your love of gaming. With all the buzz around DXRacer chairs, one has to … Read more

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back

With more people spending more time seated in front of computers, we see an increase in health problems related to the bad posture that can be caused by long hours slouched in an office chair. In response to this problem, … Read more

Where to Buy Secretlab Gaming Chairs?

where to buy secretlab

As the popularity of video games rises, the demand for gaming chairs has increased as well. One of the most popular and desired brands, Secretlab, creates chairs that are not only comfortable but stylish as well. Where Can You Get … Read more

Why are Herman Miller Chairs So Expensive?

Why Are Herman Miller Chairs So Expensive

If you sit for the majority of your day for work or leisure, it can cause a lot of strain on your body. Your back may feel the strain the most from poor posture and overall discomfort, causing pain. For … Read more

Are DXRacer Chairs Worth It? 

Are DXRacer Chairs Worth It

Whether you are in the market for a new office chair or gaming chair, chances are you have come across the brand DXRacer. They are one of the best brands on the market for office and gaming chairs, as well … Read more

What Does a Gaming Chair Look Like?

What Does a Gaming Chair Look Like

If you’re already into the gaming world, you probably have already figured out that sitting is the ideal position. And of course, sitting in a chair is more comfortable than sitting on the ground. This makes a gaming chair the … Read more

Why are there Holes in Gaming Chairs?

Why Are There Holes in Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are becoming increasingly popular these days, both for casual and professional gamers. There are several different types of gaming chairs to choose from, with each style having its own benefits and drawbacks. Why are there holes in gaming … Read more

How to Spot a Fake DXRacer Gaming Chair

How to Spot a Fake DXRacer

One of the biggest purchase decisions a gamer can make outside of his rig is his desk and gaming chair. But neither of those items are cheap, and that makes it that much more important that you make a good … Read more