Are DXRacer Chairs Ergonomic?

Are DXRacer Chairs Ergonomic

They’re stylish, they’re cool, and they’re a major status symbol among gamers. They’re DXRacer chairs, and owning one is often viewed as a serious sign of your love of gaming. With all the buzz around DXRacer chairs, one has to wonder if they’re really the best chair out there.

Are DXRacer chairs ergonomic? DXRacer themselves has pointed out that they make their chairs with ergonomics in mind. So, it seems like the answer is a definite yes. 

DXRacer chairs aren’t the only ergonomic office chairs on the market, nor are they the only ones that can provide a world-class experience while you game (or work) throughout the day. Here’s what you should know before you decide to get a DXRacer.

Are DXRacer Chairs Ergonomic?

DXRacer is a brand that’s known as the gold standard among office and gaming chairs. Their designs are known for being stylish and for also being incredibly impressive when it comes to their comfort.

On the DXRacer site, the company notes, “At DXRacer, we take great pride in the quality of every product we make. We design our chairs with ergonomics in mind and elevate them with racing flair. The result: Extreme comfort for healthy gaming.”

How Much Do DXRacer Chairs Cost?

If you’re looking to buy a top-quality gaming chair, it should come as no surprise to anyone that you will end up paying a hefty price. That being said, some models aren’t too far off luxury office chair prices.

The cheapest DXRacer chairs you can buy are priced around $289. The most expensive chairs will be approximately $579. If you order directly from the DXRacing site or from most other major e-tailers, shipping is free.

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Are Some DXRacer Chairs More Ergonomic Than Others?

This is actually a rather difficult question to answer. DXRacer themselves don’t give a solid answer one way or the other. Generally speaking, it’s accepted that all DXRacer chairs have an equal level of ergonomic design.

The difference in pricing is often ascribed to different colorations, add-ons, and the special series the designs are from. After all, DXRacer chairs are considered to be status symbols among esports groups.

If I Buy A Used DXRacer Chair, Will Ergonomics Be Impacted?

It’s totally understandable why some cash-strapped gamers and office workers want to seek out a used or refurbished gaming chair. Doing this, if you can find a used chair, can easily save you anywhere from $60 to $100.

Concerns about the ergonomics of used chairs are generally unfounded. As long as your chair’s structure is the same, you should be alright with buying a used chair.

What Does Ergonomic Design Offer Gamers?

ergonomic chair
A DXRacer fulfills ergonomic requirements.

It’s common knowledge that standard office chairs can cause discomfort when they’re used long-term. Over time, using standard office chairs can lead to the following issues:

  • Back Pain. Office chairs have a tendency to encourage people to sit poorly. Bad posture can cause long and short-term pain.
  • Neck Pain. Much like with back pain, this is often caused by poor posture.
  • Eye Fatigue. Because you’re not level with your computer, it’s common to hear of eye fatigue after several hours of work.
  • Lack of Focus. After several hours of mildly straining your body, you start to lose focus on the task at hand.

Both office workers and gamers can suffer from these symptoms. Ergonomic design is focused on enhancing comfort and posture in order to reduce the damage that e-gaming can cause.

Do I Need An Ergonomic Gaming Chair?

Technically, no one *needs* an ergonomic gaming chair. However, having one definitely can be beneficial to anyone who sits at a computer desk for a long period of time. Both gamers and office workers can benefit from ergonomics.

You should consider investing in an ergonomic chair if:

  • You have been spending six hours or more at a desk. Most office workers, for example, would do well with a better-designed office chair.
  • You’ve been experiencing lower back pain or neck pain. Ergonomic design can help alleviate it while you’re at your desk.
  • Your doctor (or coworkers) have mentioned that your posture could use some work. It’s difficult to remember to keep your back straight for eight hours a day, especially if you are working on tasks that require high levels of focus on a screen.
  • You have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There’s evidence to suggest that the use of an ergonomically designed chair can reduce CTS symptoms and also prevent CTS from happening.

Are There Other Gaming Chair Companies That Make Ergonomic Chairs?

Believe it or not, most gaming chairs on the market are now designed with ergonomics in mind. Due to the high strain that extremely long hours of gaming can place on a person’s body, it’s only natural that the market started to demand it.

Some of the other popular brands of ergonomic chairs on the market include:

  • SecretLab. This brand of gaming chairs currently rivals DXRacing and is considered to be a high-quality alternative. These chairs have weight limits, though, so make sure to pick a chair that suits your frame.
  • Ewin Racing. Much like DXRacing and Secretlab, this company offers award-winning chairs that are ergonomically designed. They offer budget-friendly options, so it’s definitely worth the splurge.
  • Vertagear. This is another ergonomically-focused gaming chair company that both office workers and gamers adore.

If you aren’t sure which company is right for you, take a look at all their models. Each one will have a certain look and feel that makes it a great pairing for the right gamer.

How Do I Pick The Right Chair For Me?

Getting a good gaming chair, especially an ergonomic one, is a major purchase. However, choosing the right chair doesn’t have to be a hassle. It all comes down to three factors: look, comfort, and weight.


It’s always a good idea to sit in a chair before you buy it. Even though DXRacer chairs are ergonomic, you can still end up with a chair that somehow just doesn’t mesh well with your body. If at all possible, hit up a store and try before you buy one.

If you can’t find a racer chair to try before you plunk down cash, don’t worry. DXRacer has a smart return policy, so you will be able to get a refund and hopefully pair yourself with a better-suited chair.


Unlike most other forms of furniture, ergonomic gaming chairs tend to have strict weight and height limits on them. These are put into place to ensure that the chairs will remain beneficial to your health and to keep the chair’s structure stable.

Your weight, technically, is the only firm guideline that you need to follow when choosing a chair. Choosing a gaming chair that has a weight limit you exceed may result in a broken chair or worse ergonomics. When in doubt, choose a chair that’s generous with weight limits.


At the end of the day, a gaming chair is something that will be a treat for you. So, you might as well get a chair that will make you feel stylish in it. After all, it’s a splurge, and there are plenty of different models to choose from. It only makes sense to add looks into the overall purchase decision.

You can get futuristic models, “office appropriate” models, as well as models that just look neat. Why not choose a model that works with your office’s personal style? No one ever said that ergonomic chairs couldn’t also work well with your office layout, you know.