Best GT Omega Chair for Gaming

Best GT Omega Chair for Gaming

Gaming is a serious business these days, and with any serious business comes some serious accessories. Gamers don’t just require upgraded computers, mice, and keyboards anymore. There is an entire lucrative industry built around gaming chairs, and more and more players are entering the market every year.

Gaming chairs are specifically designed for the most hardcore gamers who might play for hours at a time, multiple days in a row.

These aren’t just tricked-out office chairs – they are engineered to be ergonomically advantageous as well as perfect for viewing and playing games. An added bonus for many gamers is that they look far cooler than what you might find in a typical workstation.

Any gamer who plays on a regular basis should strongly consider investing in a gaming chair. Your back (RELATED POST), arms, neck, and mind will thank you as you are able to relax comfortably and won’t be stiff when you finally leave your post to get some snacks and energy drinks.

These chairs provide a luxury that regular old office chairs simply can’t offer. Plus, the edgy aesthetic will help get you more in the mood for gaming every time you walk into your battle station.

While there are many brands to choose from, we are currently focusing on GT Omega. The company, based in the United Kingdom, has been making high-end chairs since 2009, making them one of the oldest and most well-established names in the industry. They’ve proven that they are fully capable of designing chairs for every style of gamer and every type of body.

The Top GT Omega Chairs for Gaming

With so many options, however, what is truly the best GT Omega chair for gaming?

We will look at some of their best-selling gaming chairs and evaluate their features and benefits as well as some of their shortcomings. In doing so, we can create a mostly objective analysis of the quality of each chair.

Not everyone will have the same preferences, however. This exists to serve mostly as a guide to help you find the GT Omega chair that will work best for you.

GT Omega has a wide range of gaming chairs, so we will need to look at each of the series and compare their pros and cons. With 7 different series of chairs, there is quite a bit of research to do. Fortunately for you, we’ve done most of it so that you don’t have to (so go ahead and get back to gaming!)

Let’s take a look at each of the GT Omega chairs and their features.

1. GT Omega Pro Series

GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair
GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair

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The Pro Series is one of GT Omega’s most popular offerings, coming in with plenty of features at an affordable price. You can choose from leather or fabric upholstery and pick any of 9 different color combinations. Let’s dig a little deeper into this well-known product.


  • Strong, sturdy build – this chair is going to last you a while, despite its reasonable price tag. You can tell it’s durable from the moment you sit in it.
  • Universal Appeal – This chair looks very professional without being bland and boring. It’s certainly a gaming chair, but it would not be out of place in an office environment. So, if you work and play at home, you can get into either mode without swapping out chairs.
  • Great Value – This is the cheapest of all of GT Omega’s offerings, but it doesn’t skimp on quality or features.
  • Lumbar Support – this is an essential feature for anyone that is going to be sitting for long periods of time.


  • Small frame – this chair is definitely not built for bulkier gamers. It is thin and relatively short and shouldn’t be used by anyone over 6 feet tall or 185 pounds.
  • Minimalist – although it has plenty of features for its price, it isn’t very customizable. You won’t have the option to add on premium features. If you require a more comprehensive chair, this might not be the one for you.

2. GT Omega Elite Series 

GT Omega Elite Racing Gaming Chair
GT Omega Elite Racing Gaming Chair

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The Elite Series is one step above the Pro Series but still comes in at a great price with plenty of options. This one focuses a little more on the gaming aesthetic and makes a great addition to any man cave. This doesn’t take away from the functionality of it. However – this is an extremely comfy gaming chair with plenty of uses.


  • Affordable – Although slightly more than the Pro series, the Elite Series still has a small price tag, especially considering its features
  • Additional cushioning – in addition to lumbar support, this chair features a headrest pillow that provides you with even more comfort as you are gaming or taking a break (do you really take any breaks, though?)
  • Adjustable 4D Armrests – Never underestimate the usefulness of quality 4D armrests. These allow you to rest your elbows and forearms, taking pressure off of your shoulders and neck. They are also adjustable to allow for different positions.
  • Extreme Reclining – With the ability to recline up to 190 degrees, this chair allows for proper, thorough stretching and relaxation. Standard office chairs usually don’t include this option. 


  • Game-centric looks – There’s no mistaking that this chair is built for gaming. We wouldn’t recommend using this in an office or central home area.
  • Bottom cushion – The cushion on the seat lacks a bit of padding. It takes some time to break in and isn’t as posh as some other GT offerings.

3. GT Omega Sport Series 

GT OMEGA Sport Racing Gaming Chair
GT OMEGA Sport Racing Gaming Chair

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The sport series has a bit of a hybrid look, combining a sporty aesthetic with gaming sensibilities. It’s still quite clearly a chair geared towards gaming, but it doesn’t scream “hardcore gamer” in the sense that the Elite does. It comes in at a bit of a higher price tag than the previous two.


  • Superior Comfort – This is designed in the style of racing seats, and we know that those drivers can take quite a beating. You won’t be sore after sitting in this chair, no matter how much time you spend gaming.
  • Additional Back Support – This goes along with comfort, but even if you don’t notice it, you’ll be better off for it.
  • Steel Framework – This contributes to the longevity and durability of the chair
  • PVC Leather – This is an upgrade from the standard PU Leather on many chairs and will keep your chair aging nicely and remaining comfortable.


  • High Price – The Sport Series is one of GT Omega’s most expensive offerings. The features are there, but you may have a tough time coughing up this much money for a chair.
  • Minimal Height Adjustment – For such a high price, you would expect to be able to customize your positioning a little bit more
  • Capacity – This chair can only hold up to 180 pounds comfortably and won’t work for anybody who is over 6’2”.

4. GT Omega PRO XL Series 

GT OMEGA PRO XL Racing Gaming Chair
GT OMEGA PRO XL Racing Gaming Chair

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The Pro XL Series is similar to the Pro Series but with more space and more cushioning. Essentially, this is a sleek, neutral-looking chair that is built for the bigger gamers in the world who don’t need anything flashy. The function takes precedent over form in this exceptional gaming chair.


  • Solid Frame and Build – The Pro XL just feels strong from the second you sit in it, and that feeling will last for years.
  • High-quality upholstery – Whether you choose leather or fabric for this, you’ll be impressed with the quality of the material and the meticulous attention to detail in the stitching.
  • Increased Size – This is perfect for larger gamers or for those who simply want a little more room to breathe or maybe even sit with their cat.
  • Great Deal – Considering the overall amount of chair you are getting in addition to the features, this is an excellent deal.


  • Firm Lumbar – If you prefer softer lumbar support, this chair won’t work for you.
  • This is pretty bulky and maybe overbearing for smaller workstations or frames.

5. GT Omega Master XL Series 

GT OMEGA Master XL Racing Gaming Chair
GT OMEGA Master XL Racing Gaming Chair

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The Master XL Series is billed as one of GT Omega’s premium lines, and it is easy to see why. You can tell just by looking at it that this is a well-built gaming chair designed to accommodate even the largest gamers with a world of comfort. Even with its large capacity, it doesn’t look overbearing or extra bulky.


  • Top-notch Materials – This is made of excellent material that will last for years while looking great. It breathes well and provides plenty of comforts.
  • Ease of use – whether you need to roll on the casters or recline 190 degrees, this chair is simple to use and works seamlessly.
  • Variety – This chair comes in a range of 4 attractive colors and designs
  • Load Capacity – The Master XL is designed to hold up to an amazing 330 pounds, so almost every gamer should be able to sit in this one.


  • The design leaves much to be desired.
  • It takes a little more time to break in for ultimate comfort 

6. GT Omega Evo XL Series

GT OMEGA EVO XL Racing Gaming Chair
GT OMEGA EVO XL Racing Gaming Chair

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 Another in the XL realm of chairs, the Evo XL, provides sitting space for larger gamers who want maximum comfort. It has a bit more of a simple design than other XL offerings, but some people prefer the look of simplicity that it offers. This one could work in a gaming or office environment, or both.


  • Solid Build – Like many other GT Omega chairs, this one has a sturdy frame and just feels strong.
  • Metal components – Part of the sturdiness comes from its metal frame, which will add to its durability and are far better than plastic parts.
  • Customizable Armrests – The armrests can move in any direction, allowing you to set yourself up for the position that works best for gaming


  • High Setting – Even at its lowest point, this chair sits pretty high up. If you are short or have a shorter desk, it may cause some issues with your setup.
  • Wing Constraints – Even though this is designed for bigger gamers, the wings might be uncomfortable for those with wider frames.

7. GT Omega Special Edition Chairs 

special edition
GT Omega Special Edition Chair

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The Special Edition Chairs include graphics from popular esports organizations. You can choose from one of three – Sidemen, Ginx, or Epsilon. These chairs are branded with the company’s logos and use the PRO as the base model, but with multiple upgrades. For the gaming fanatic, these just might be the perfect chairs.


  • The base is the PRO model, which is a highly respected and comfortable chair.
  • Additional branding is great for fans
  • Leather comes standard


  • The logo is the only real extra feature here
  • Price is higher than the Pro series, so you are really just paying for a graphic
  • Only holds up to 260 pounds 


GT Omega is a great name in gaming, and they have created a very solid lineup of high-quality gaming chairs. Although each one has its benefits and drawbacks, you really can’t go wrong with any of them unless you get one that can’t accommodate your weight and height.

There are many things to consider when buying a gaming chair, including the build, the materials, the size, and the comfort level. You don’t want to get a chair that looks great but hurts your back every time you sit in it. On the other hand, you don’t want a chair that will look out of place in your house or cause people to roll their eyes every time they see it.

Ultimately, it will come down to what chair works best for you based on personal preferences. Ask yourself if you prefer form over function or if you like a healthy mix of both. Do you require a larger chair that can hold your additional weight, or are you a skinny gamer who finds plenty of comfort in a smaller chair?


It’s difficult to choose just one chair because everybody is different, so we had to break it down into the two best GT Omega chairs – one for the average or small gamer and another for larger gamers who need more capacity. 

After much testing and analysis, we have determined that the best chair for small or average-sized gamers is the GT Omega Pro Series. This is a reasonably priced chair that comes with a lot of features and provides years of comfort for any style of gamer.

No matter how many hours a day you are playing or what type of game you prefer, you will find plenty of satisfaction with the Pro Series chair.

On top of this, it is a nice-looking chair that isn’t too “loud.” This works great in a game room but can also fit into any office or professional space. You won’t bother your non-gaming significant other or roommates with the neutral aesthetic of this chair.

Simply put, this chair gets the job done without pulling any punches. You’ll save some money but will have a product that you can trust for a long time to come.

Now, onto the larger gamers. You need something with more depth, height, width, and load capacity, and we believe that the GT Omega Master XL Series is the best one for you. This can hold up to 330 pounds and will have plenty of room for even the tallest, bulkiest gamers.

You won’t notice any decline in the comfort level of this chair because of your bigger size. In fact, it was built specifically to cater to those who have some extra weight on them, with more cushioning, a stronger frame, and sturdier materials used throughout the chair.

This is another chair that isn’t too flashy but can be customized to your personal preferences. So, if you want to add a little bit of flair without being too dramatic, you are perfectly capable of doing so.

Gaming chairs are an invention that has benefited hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, and GT Omega is among the top brands of chair manufacturers.

Every time you sit down to game, you are putting some pressure on your body, and these chairs are built with that in mind. Your back will feel better after using these chairs, and your arms, wrists, and even neck will be more limber and less sore.

Whether you’re a small gamer or a bulky enthusiast, GT Omega has a chair to fit your size and personality. With so many customizable options and high-quality materials, you are sure to be satisfied with any of their offerings.